Spring Action Photos

We photograph Houston area runners.  Our photographers are the best in Houston when it comes to covering races.  5K, 10K, Half & Full Marathons, Fun Runs, Triathlons, and Multi-sport events are our specialties.  Recent and upcoming events include:  The Cinco Ranch 5K, Heights Fun Run, Combat Tri, Heights 5K, and Dynamo Go for the Goal.   Spring Action Photos uses the finest professional equipment, the most experienced photographers in the field, and time tested techniques to bring you the images you will treasure for a life time.  We photograph Houston running events and triathlons.  We capture your personal best from a variety of points at the start, on the course, at the finish, and after.  Fleeting moments are captured to be shared and re-lived.  Whether you are racing your first 5K, enjoying a fun run, or knocking out a sprint triathlon, we understand  and appreciate the effort and discipline required.   While you enjoy the event, we work from the best possible angles to insure the images presented here live up to the hard work that you bring to the field.  All products are produced to the finest standards and are fully  guaranteed to deliver satisfaction without question.  
Schedule your event/game today.  Call 713-775-7357 or email springactionphotos@gmail.com to schedule your event today.

Just click on one of the links below.   Find your photo and place your order with confidence.   If you have questions, send an email to: springactionphotos@gmail.com.   Events are uploaded and are identified by the event.  Simply select your link and you are re-directed to that album.   Send the links to your family and friends.  They are welcome to view your albums without obligation.

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Surfside Shuffle 5K & 10K, Lake Jackson 1/26/2013 Online 1/26/2013
Miles for Miracles 5K, Katy 2/2/2013 Online 2/2/2013
Mardi Gras Jolly Jester Jaunt 5K, Galveston 2/2/2013 Online 2/3/2013
Darling Dash 5K, Sugarland 2/24/2013 Online 2/25/2013
UTMB Causeway FunD Run, Galveston 3/2/2013 Online 3/3/2013
H.A.W.C. Race Against Violence 5K, Houston 3/2/2013 Online 3/5/2013
Lookin'Good Shamrock Strut 5K & 10K, Houston 3/16/2013 Online 3/16/2013
Jog the Journey 5K & 10K, Crosby 3/30/2013 Online 3/30/2013
Jacob Green Celebrity Golf Classic 4/8/2013 Online 4/9/2013
Yuri's Night Fun Run, Nassau Bay 4/20/2013 Online 4/20/2013
Youth Soccer, Shreveport 5/4/2013 Online 5/6/2013
Conroe YMCA Trail Run, Conroe 5/11/2013 Online 5/11/2013
Deer Park Project Graduation 5K, Deer Park 5/18/2013 Online 5/18/2013
USA Fit Run for Boston 5K, Sugarland 5/19/2013 Online 5/20/2013
U.S. Vet 5K, Houston 5/18/2013 Online 5/21/2013
Cinco Ranch Camo 5K, Katy 5/25/2013 Online 5/25/2013
Combat Tri, Texas City 5/25/2013 Online 5/26/2013
Angel Run 5K, Montgomery 5/25/2013 Online 5/28/2013
Heights 5K Fun Run, Heights 6/1/2013 Online 6/2/2013
FunFest Run by the Bay, Texas City 6/8/2013 Online 6/8/2013
Sylvan Beach Tri & Du, La Porte 6/9/2013 Online 6/10/2013
Color Course 5K, Texas City 7/20/2013 Online 7/21/2013
Lunar Rendezvous 5K, Space Center Houston 7/20/2013 Online 7/21/2013
Outrigger 5K, Kemah 8/3/2013 Online 8/4/2013
Summertime Blues Tri, Freeport 8/11/2013 Online 8/11/2013
Houston Young Lawyers 5K, Houston 8/24/2013 Online 8/24/2013
911 Heroes 5K, Ellington Field 9/7/2013 Online 9/8/2013
Superhero 5K, City Center 9/21/2013 Online 9/21/2013
PCOS 5K, Houston 9/28/2013 Online 10/1/2013
Buffalo Stampede Half & 5K, Bryan 10/5/2013 Online 10/6/2013
Baylor College of Medicine 5K, Houston 10/12/2013 Online 10/12/2013
Head for the Cure 5K, Houston 10/13/2013 Online 10/13/2013
PARC Monster Dash, Pearland 11/2/2013 Online 11/2/2013
Dynamo Go for the Goal, Houston 11/2/2013 Online 11/4/2013
RWB Veteran's Day, The Woodlands 11/9/2013 Online 11/10/2013
Run to Cure HD, Sugarland 11/16/2013 Online 11/17/2013
City of Conroe Turkey Trot, Conroe 11/16/2013 Online 11/17/2013
Bridgeland Turkey Trot, Cypress 11/23/2013 Online 11/23/2013
Bay Area Turkey Trot, Clear Lake 11/28/2013 Online 11/29/2013
Trafigura Run for the House, Houston 12/7/2013 Online 12/8/2013
Rudolph Fun Run, City Center 12/7/2013 Online 12/9/2013
Christmas in the Pines, Huntsville 12/7/2013 Online 12/10/2013
Gingerbread Jog, Cinco Ranch 12/7/2013 Online 12/12/2013
Surfside Shuffle 5K, 10K, & Kid's K, Surfside 1/4/2014 Online 1/5/2014
Surfside 1K, Full, & Half Marathon, Surfside 2/1/2014 Online 2/2/2014
Run for a Nurse 5K, Nassua Bay 2/8/2014 Online 2/8/2014
Tex Med 1K, 5K, & 10K, Houston 2/8/2014 Online 2/9/2014
Darling Dash 1K & 5K, Sugarland 2/23/2014 Online 2/24/2014
SHP Causeway FunD Run/Walk, Galveston 3/8/2014 Online 3/8/2014
San Jacinto Texas Independence 1K & 5K, La Porte 3/8/2014 Online 3/9/2014
Lookin' Good Shamrock Strut, Houston 3/15/2014 Online 3/16/2014
JLGC Flashback 1K, 5K & 10K, South Shore Harbor 3/22/2014 Online 3/22/2014
TMMSN Land & Sand 5K & 10K, Stewart Beach 3/29/2014 Online 3/29/2014
No Label Tri, Katy 3/29/2014 Online 3/31/2014
Yuri's Night 5K, Nassau Bay 4/5/2014 Online 4/6/2014
Doggone Fun Run & Walk, Sugarland 4/12/2014 Online 4/13/2014
Tri Color Tri Super Sprint, Fulshear 4/19/2014 Online 4/20/2014
Jog the Journey, Crosby 4/26/2014 Online 4/26/2014
Running for the Arts 5K, Spring Branch 5/3/2014 Online 5/6/2014
Spring's Back Tri, Fulshear 5/4/2014 Online 5/5/2014
All Systems Glow 5K, Houston 5/10/2014 Online 5/12/2014
Texas Kid's Tri, Katy 5/17/2014 Online 5/19/2014
Cinco Ranch Camo 5K, Cinco Ranch 5/24/2014 Online 5/24/2014
Silverlake Spring & Olympic Tri, Pearland 5/25/2014 Online 5/26/2014
Funfest Super Hero Run by the Bay, La Marque 5/31/2014 Online 6/2/2014
Heights Fun Run, Heights 6/7/2014 Online 6/9/2014
Sylvan Beach Youth Triathlon, La Porte 6/14/2014 Online 6/14/2014
Sylvan Beach Triathlon, La Porte 6/15/2014 Online 6/17/2014
DOW Firecracker 4th 4M, 2M, Kid's 1K, Lake Jackson 7/4/2014 Online 7/4/2014
Transplant Games of America 5K, Houston 7/12/2014 Online 7/13/2014
Summertime Blues Tri, Freeport 8/10/2014 Online 8/11/2014
Houston Young Lawyer 5K, Houston 8/23/2014 Online 8/23/2014
I Tri Events Splash & Dash, Fulshear 8/24/2014 Online 8/24/2014
911 Heroes 5K, Houston 9/6/2014 Online 9/8/2014
911 Heroes 5K, Dallas 9/7/2014 Online 9/8/2014
Head for the Cure 5K, Pearland 9/13/2014 Online 9/15/2014
Onalaska Half Ironman, Onalaska 9/14/2014 Online 9/15/2014
Superhero 5K, Cinco Ranch 9/20/2014 Online 9/20/2014
Family Matters 5K & 10K, Pearland 9/20/2014 Online 9/23/2014
Buffalo Stampede 5K & Half, Bryan 10/4/2014 Online 10/5/2014
Baylor College of Medicine 5K, Medical Center 10/11/2014 Online 10/11/2014
Oktoberfest Tri, Fulshear 10/12/2014 Online 10/14/2014
Huntsville Quarter and Half Marathon & 5K, Huntsville 10/18/2014 Online 10/19/2014
PARC Monster Dash 5K & 10K, Pearland 10/25/2014 Online 10/25/2014
RWB Veteran's Day 5K & 10K, The Woodlands 11/8/2014 Online 10/10/2014
13th Annual Rockets Run, Houston 11/9/2014 Online 11/11/2014
City of Conroe Turkey Trot, Conroe 11/15/2014 Online 11/16/2014
TXU Turkey Trot, Houston 11/27/2014 Online 12/2/2014
Gingerbread Jog, Cinco Ranch 12/6/2014 Online 12/7/2014
Rudolph's Fun Run, City Center 12/6/2014 Online 12/8/2014
Trafigura Run for the House, Houston 12/6/2014 Online 12/9/2014
Jolly Jester Jaunt, Galveston 2/7/2015 Online 2/9/2015
Tex Med 5K & 10K, Houston 2/7/2015 Online 2/9/2015
Run of Pi, Houston 2/21/2015 Online 2/21/2015
Darling Dash 5K, Sugarland 2/22/2015 Online 2/23/2015
Surfside Beach Half & Full Marathon, Surfside 2/21/2015 Online 2/24/2015
UTMB Causeway FunD Run, Galveston 3/7/2015 Online 3/9/2015
Lookin' Good Shamrock Strut, Houston 3/21/2015 Online 3/23/2015
San Jacinto Independence Fun Run, La Porte 3/14/2015 Online 3/23/2015
San Felipe Shoot Out Trail Run, San Felipe 3/28/2015 Online 3/29/2015
No Label Tri, Katy 3/28/2015 Online 3/30/2015
Land and Sand Fun Run, Galveston 3/28/2015 Online 3/30/2015
Tri Color Super Sprint, Fulshear 4/4/2015 Online 4/6/2015
4 the Park Brunch Run, Houston 4/4/2015 Online 4/6/2015
Texas Children's Fun Run, Houston 4/11/2015 Online 4/13/2015
Doggone Fun Run, Sugarland 4/11/2015 Online 4/13/2015
Green 6.2, City Centre 4/11/2015 Online 4/13/2015
Yuri's Night 5K, Friendswood 4/18/2015 Online 4/18/2015
Run the Grove 5K, Houston 4/18/2015 Online 4/18/2015
Fallen Hero Run, College Station 4/25/2015 Online 4/26/2015
Texas Kid's Tri, Houston 4/25/2015 Online 4/27/2015
Running for the Arts, Houston 5/2/3015 Online 5/5/2015
Girls on the Run, Houston 5/2/2015 Online 5/5/2015
Spring's Back Tri, Fulshear 5/9/2015 Online 5/11/2015
Horseshoe Trail Run, Hitchcock 5/16/2015 Online 5/17/2015
Cinco Ranch Camo 5K, Cinco Ranch 5/23/2015 Online 5/23/2015
Silverlake Du, Pearland 5/24/2015 Online 5/24/2015

Upcoming Events

FunFest Run by the Bay, Texas City 5/30/2015
Heights 5K, Heights 6/6/2015
Jog the Journey, Crosby 6/20/2015


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